Ferasha Films is a volunteer staff from the greater Philadelphia area. We are a group of innovative people who are passionate about documentary story-telling. Our group is highly skilled in helping you organize your next film. Apply through our filmmaker's application to get your film featured.



Amanda Danziger
Founder & Filmmaker

Amanda Danziger’s passion for film and cinematography began in 2008 when she was a student at Drexel University in Philadelphia. As a way to show her appreciation to those who financed her upcoming Rwanda mission trip, Amanda bought a camera and set out to film her experience. She created a short documentary called “Umuryango,” about the street children she met at an orphanage in Byimana, many of whom were orphaned by the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. After this experience, Amanda was hooked on the idea of linking together volunteer work and film. She recognized the power of film as a medium to confront western culture with the raw living conditions of the third world. Ferasha Films was born.

In 2009 Amanda volunteered to go to India to film her second documentary, “Threads of Hope,” the story of impoverished women at ConneXions, a fair trade vocational school in Kolkata, India and for which she received a scholarship from the McKnight Fund to finance the project. On the heels of this documentary’s success, Amanda was inspired to expand the reach of Ferasha Films by building a crew to film her first feature documentary, “The Backyard Philly Project.” 

Most recently, Amanda was recognized in Drexel Magazine’s “40 under 40” for connecting her visual arts talents and compassion for the poor.

She loves her husband, her twin boys, filmmaking, photography, indie music, chocolate, zombies and three-day weekends. She admits it can be a challenge, but she knows she’s got a really cool day job.



Nienke Izurieta
Filmmaker & Photographer

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Nienke Izurieta set off for Europe where she lived and worked in Paris, France. It seemed natural for Nienke to pursue an artistic practice, yet she was never able to find satisfaction in working with other mediums. But the day she developed her first roll of film, she thought, “I could do this for the rest of my life!”

Her role as a photographer has generated many opportunities, from photographing fashion on the runway in Paris to teaching photography workshops for foster-care children. It is this broad range of subject matter that keeps her curiously engaged, and it is the personal accounts and inspiring stories of courage and perseverance that Nienke finds most fulfilling in her work. Visions and stories of hope drive her forward as she aims to satisfy the restless desire to see the world and portray it through her lens. 


Bruce Kite
Filmmaker & Photographer

Bruce Kite began his graphic design journey in 1997 and expanded into photography in 2008 producing product and lifestyle photography for an international consumer electronics company. He became known for his use of light and the dream-like quality of his images. In early 2009, Bruce dove into the cinematic realm and honed his visual storytelling through live performance visual pieces and commercial imagery. He believes that photographs and moving images are keys to telling an impact-full story.

Expanding from there, Bruce started producing documentary-style pieces for his commercial clients and collaborating with Ferasha Films, with the goal to make a difference with every piece they produced. Whether the final deliverable is a commercial piece with national exposure or the visual representation of a song performed live with a band, Bruce brings a big-picture perspective to each project staying true to the story being told while expressing his unique perspective.



Brendan Schaller
Press & Publicity

In 2010, Brendan stumbled out of Bloomsburg University with a bachelor of arts in Mass Communications and little to no direction for his life. He sent Amanda a Facebook message asking if she needed help promoting the screening event for her documentary, "Threads of Hope." Although they had not really talked in several years, Brendan had way too much free time on his hands.

In the spring of 2011, Brendan spent four months working as an intern for To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit movement to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues and to provide support to those affected by addiction, depression, self-injury and suicide.

Brendan now works for Ferasha Films as the Communications Director, writing press releases, newsletters and other promotional content. He believes that everyone has a story and that everyone deserves the chance to share that story with others. In his spare time, Brendan writes and plays a lot of music, watches a lot of movies and pretends he knows a lot about photography with his old film camera.


Lucas Clauser
Art Director

Lucas Clauser was born and raised in Bethlehem, PA. At 18, he attended Edinburgh College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland. A short while later, Lucas transferred to the University of Southern California where he graduated with a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Photography. Since 2004, he has worked as a freelance artist and consultant with a strong background of 3-D modeling, web site design and development, as well as a solid graphic design and photography base.

He is known to be a bit accident-prone and yet is still wildly adventurous. He currently lives at home with his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth…wait this isn’t a personal ad? Darn.  Lucas is always up for a challenge and really enjoys thinking outside of the box, which for him usually happens in the very early hours of the morning.