It's almost Christmas, can you believe it?

Can you believe that Christmas is this weekend already? I feel like there are a lot of other things I need to get done before the holiday comes. It’s just crazy to think that the New Year will also be here very soon too! 

This past Friday we had our very first film class with our Flip Cameras, thanks to a private donation of $1,000, to capture their stories. It went well, and I know that the teens are enjoying their first assignment. Today, as Nienke and I went to after school tutoring at the Mission, Montae told us all about how David has already filmed 35 video clips and he has only four so far. Montae then fastened his flip camera on his gorilla pod and started to do a journal about the tutoring program. He also showed me a quick clip of David, Tasia, and him dancing in the Philly streets from the other day. It’s really great to see their excitement shine. I can’t wait to see what they come up with by January so we can do our second film class with them.

Our team really appreciates your support and personal e-mails about this project. We have made it to $2,006, and we have 21 days to reach our $4,000 goal. I know that Christmas is a busy season, but if you could just take 5 minutes of your time to just pass our IndieGoGo campaign link around to your friends and family we can make it to our goal by January 10. 

Thank you so very much,


Photo by Nienke Izurieta

Photo by Nienke Izurieta