Poverty in my backyard

 I’ve been thinking a lot about my next documentary — where should I go? What should I do next? What needs attention? My first documentary took me all the way to Africa in Rwanda where I documented the lives of street children. And I loved it so much. I’ve been thinking about going back to do more stories on some of the boys I met and follow up on them. But perhaps that will be in the works for another year. My second documentary took me to an exotic place, Kolkata, India. A place where I fell in love with the culture, people, and food! I’ve been itching to go back there too. But I’ve been wanting to leave, leave, leave —- but I feel that I am ignoring poverty issues that are directly in front of my eyes. I live it, breathe it, and see it every day. 

Philadelphia has been my new home for the past four years. The city of brotherly love has grown on me so much that I never want to leave it. But, it also has its moments. Just like any other city, it’s full of crime, drugs, and homeless people. The poverty I see in my own backyard is something that I choose to ignore. That needs to change. So what can I do for my city? What kind of a story should I tell? We can either help the areas where we currently are, but we can also chose to ignore them and walk blindly. My grandmother always says that “your mission place is where you are currently.” Right now I am in Philadelphia. So what have I done for my city? Nothing. American Poverty has been invisible for decades. I’m hoping to change that. 

Your friend,