We are just STOKED about our nomination! Philly Geek Awards here we come!

The Backyard Philly Project - nominated for a Philly Geek Award for Feature Length Indie Film of the Year! Awards ceremony takes place this August 17, 2013. 

The Backyard Philly Project, nominated for Feature Length Indie Film of the Year, Philly Geek Awards

This morning we woke up to a blog post from Geekadelphia titled "The Nominees for the 2013 Philadelphia Geek Awards." After scrolling down to see the nominees for Feature Length Indie Film of the Year we were so excited to see "The Backyard Philly Project" up for a nomination! We cannot wait until the awards ceremony this August 17th at the Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University. In an article published by Newsworks today, Eric Smith co-founder of the Geek Awards defines a geek as "...a person that is so passionate about a specific thing that it becomes a part of their lifestyle, a part of who they are." We think that definition fits us perfectly. We are so passionate about the work that we do here at Ferasha Films and especially about our latest documentary Backyard Philly. "The Backyard Philly Project" has taught us about freely giving ourselves but also allowing us to do what we love by showing our viewers the world through the lens of our cameras. 

We are looking forward to be involved in this special night, and we're crossing our fingers to be the Feature Length Indie Film of the Year! Tickets go on sale on July 29 (prices to be announced soon). 

Thanks for all the love and support friends, family, and fans!