Umuryango (2008)

A story from Bukemero, Rwanda.

In 2001, brothers Yohani and Jean Paul founded the Umuryango Childrens Network, a boys home based in Bukemero, Rwanda.  Having lived through the 1994 genocide, both brothers watched their country unfold and fall behind into poverty. Many children were left behind and the Rwandan family broke apart over the years. Today there are over 95,000 orphaned today, and the number continues to increase. Because of this, they saw the need to revive their country and restore leadership in Rwanda. Their idea was to invest in tomorrows generation by forming relationships with street children and bringing them to the home so they could have food, shelter, clothing, and education. This documentary tells the stories of street children who were given a second chance through Umuryango.

FERASHA FILMS presents an AMANDA IBRAHIM Production with UMURYANGO CHILDREN'S NETWORK "UMURYANGO" music by AMANDA IBRAHIM technical director BRUCE KITE sound mixed by BRUCE KITE edited by AMANDA IBRAHIM filmed & created by AMANDA IBRAHIM, GIDEON SCHWARTZ Featured Music: Shirock, Charlene Ava, Majestico, Reilly, and Elliott Powell.

Total run time: 28 minutes.