(Releases January 4, 2018)


Five years later, Ferasha Films is bringing back the stories of Montae, Tasia, Brianna and David — along with a short update from Youth Director Adam Bruckner from The Helping Hand Rescue Mission. Their stories are centered and filmed again inside The Helping Hand Rescue Mission which is located in an area the locals call “Penn Town.” “The Backyard Philly Project: 5 Years Later” will be released on the Ferasha Films website on Thursday, January 4, 2018.

A lot has changed in the past five years since the film crew wrapped up the first project in 2012, most especially gentrification taking place in the neighborhood that has traditionally been plagued by high crime and poverty. “You have these old neighborhoods that have been occupied by people living at low-incomes, but developers are coming in building $560,000 condos right next door,” says Bruckner. 

The four friends give updates on where they are in their lives today and also show how much Penn Town has changed over the years.

Visit The Backyard Philly Project page for more information on the original film -- before you watch 5 Years Later.

Directed and edited by, Amanda Danziger
Cinematographer, Bruce Kite
Publicity Manager & Publicist, Brendan Schaller
Art Director, Lucas Clauser
Assistant Writer, Nienke Izurieta

Total run time: 22 minutes